Hospitality Advice, internal, general and digital audit, rate your establishment.

Because you want to improve the situation of your establishment, we give you the necessary distance and professionalism thanks to our audits in order to establish effective policies and strategies. We offer you corrections and actions to be taken to make your hotel a warm and welcoming place where each guest will want to return.

Before being a department, customer service is an attitude !!!

Audit général Audit qualité Audit informatique


In consultation with the Management of your establishment, we develop together the specification of the different services/ departments which you want to be controlled.
In the form of visits, phone calls and e-mails made by "mystery shoppers", this quality audit allows to:

  • Verify the available services and their quality,
  • Request the professional qualities of the staff,
  • Review carefully and objectivelly the place,
  • Discover the possible dysfunctions,
  • Identify strenghts.
According to the services you offer and your expectations, this audit can last until 3 days.
We give you a complete and detailed audit report containing our recommendations and action plan:
  • Identifying control points that need to be improved and study of the possible reasons,
  • Statement customized solutions adapted to your hotel(structure, organisation…)
  • Study of the training needs for your different services,
  • Evaluation of the efficiency of the current actions and the action plan to be led.



For even more efficiency, this audit can be made following that made by the "mystery shopper". The general audit resumes in detailed way all the following points:

  • Infrastructure : The hotel and its positioning relative to the surroundings and his tourist attractions, different teams.
  • Establishment : Highlighting of points to be improved in public areas, rooms, restaurant and other services , ( spa, laundry …)
  • Quality of welcome : Control of the qualities of welcome and kindness of the services like the reception and all the team.
  • Competition analysis: Descriptions of your main competitors and comparison with your establishment in order to detect the points to be improved.
  • Commercial and marketing : This aspect can be a separated audit, more detailed, according to your needs and your expectations. Contact us for more information.
The general audit includes the study of the trade name, the website, the B2C and B2B delivery, the different sort of customers and the analysis of your web reputation.
After the general audit we'll give you a detailed report including our recommendations and an action plan.



Information technology is an essential and vital tool for the good management of your establishment.
 Still it have to be adapted to your activity and answers your specific needs.
Such, we intervene on the following points: :

  • Check of your equipment and peripherals,
  • Analysis of your various connections,
  • Study of used and installed softwares,
  • Data storage and security.

You can chose a general audit of your computer system or a specific point to be controlled :

  • Structural audit,
  • Softwares audit ,
  • Security audit.
We'll give you a detailed report including our recommendations after a computer audit.